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5 tips if you’re feeling anxious during covid season PART 2

A few extra ideas if you're feeling a bit under the weather or need some inspo to calm your mind.

1- Take a social media break

Sometimes... the phone's just got. to. go. There's a lot going on in that small device. People are able to contact you in a matter of seconds from anywhere in the world. It reminds you of deadlines, things you wish you had, things you wish you were doing. As much as we love social media as a tool for keeping in touch. There is something healthy about taking a couple of hours, days or if you're brave...months to re-training your thumb & mind to not tap that certain app whenever you are "bored". Things are fast paced online and you can't always control what you are going to see or read next no matter what app or website you are on. So let's agree to avoid it when we're feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Some tips: Just temporarily delete the app, You can let people know they can reach you by text etc. OR use an app like which allows you to DM/connect with your close friends list.

2- Pick up a new hobby: painting, drawing, yoga, crafting, embroidery etc.

Get that creative mind of yours going! Take some time to channel in your inner preschooler during arts and crafts time. There are lots of beautiful and usable things to make. It's no pressure when it's just for fun. It doesn't have to turn into a side hustle business. It can just be creating something you are proud of and that helped you escape some of the stresses in your head. You can make little artwork for yourself or save them for future gifts. How cute would it be to receive something handmade!

3- Learn what self care makes you feel refreshed

We hear this a lot - the phrase "self care". Ok, cool. But that doesn't have to look the same for everyone. For example. I used to see girls my age drink wine in the bathtub with a face mask while watching Netflix. That stressed me out just seeing it haha. "What if the laptop falls in? Is that even comfy? Face masks make my skin itch.. Is this how I am supposed to relax?" I quickly realized "self care" is allowed to be different for everyone. To me self care looks like a podcast on while I curl my hair with no where to go after. Sometimes it's just making a cup of tea and turning my diffuser on after a hot shower. There are others who enjoy walks alone, or painting their nails, baking cooking for themselves etc. Do what makes YOU feel good.

4- Clean your space

There is just something about walking into a room that feels ready to relax in. For some this is a chore and for others this is satisfying. I'm generally on the more cluttered side but I LOVE a clean deskspace or closet when I take the time to make sure my environment isn't adding to my stress or anxiety just because of the state it is in.

Tip: Just do a quick tidy up for 15 minutes before bed and one 15 minutes after you wake up. You will feel like you accomplished something even if it's a little bit of progress!

5- Journal or write down how you feel + what you are grateful for.

Sometimes days go by really quick. When you're on the go balancing work, school, friends, family and life it can get hard to feel calm in the midst of the business. When it comes to journalling or devotions I would say to explore what works best for you. Think about your routines, what you enjoy, your enneagram number if you know that haha. Because for some - a blank bullet journal is so exciting. There are different colours & ideas on Pinterest and you could have your whole life organized in one place. For someone like me I like pre-printed prompts, lines and for it already come pretty with room for me to embellish and personalize. Does that make sense? There are things like the 5 minute journal, or printable daily prompts and questions to keep you reflecting. Sometimes a fresh notebook and starting it off with "dear diary" and letting whatever crosses your mind be written down will do the trick. This can help you debrief on your own a little bit before going back out into the world full of ideas, thoughts and hurts that are unspoken.


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