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Nice to meet you.


Partner with us! We’re currently funding for the creation of our video curriculums and local events


Want to contribute through your business or services?

Montage is a community; we're always happy to connect with each other and support each other in different ways.


Let us know what you have to offer #ourmontage community and we can talk about how we can partner in some way!


Here are some in-kind donations we are looking to source in 2024

  • Event rental spaces 

Do you have a connection with a coffee shop, restaurant, dance studio, rentable room or a home you'd be willing to open up? We are looking to build a roster of locations for in-person events, fundraisers and workshops. 

  • Print material

We will often need postcards for each student attending our workshop as well as signage. If you have a connection to a local print shop or would like to sponsor a schools supplies cost, let us know. 

  • Workshop supplies

Each workshop requires materials and depending on the location costs may vary. If you have a connection for supplying pens, paper, florals, snacks let us know! ​

  • Skills & trades

We are always looking to get you involved! We're on the hunt for Photographers, videographers, graphic designers, or other specific trades/services that can be auctioned as a fundraising item or used to bless our mentors and volunteers. 

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