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Would you consider being a mentor?

An opportunity for you to make an influential impact on a high school teen's life

…plus you don’t need to be cool with the trends.

Fall/Winter 2024 we will be launching a new mentor platform + directory.


83% of teens want to be mentored or coached by someone older or their employer.

The problem is that the "older generations" don’t pour into younger generations and teens end up making the same mistakes we made but in an even more overwhelming and divisive world. Yikes!

Let's empower your story and life experiences. I'm sure you would have appreciated someone older to be real with you when you were in high school. 

Let us know what you have to offer #ourmontage community and we can talk about how we can partner in some way!

  • What volunteer positions do you have open?
    We are currently looking for people in the following areas: - Social Media Content Creator/Management - Blog Writers/Contributors - Community Management & Outreach - Project Management: Admin & Fundraising - Project Management: Workshop filming & Production - Event Planning: Post-pandemic local events - Mentors: Being matched with a teen (local or abroad - in person or remote) * If you have a skill or passion you'd like to bring to our attention that could be a great collaborative position - let us know!
  • How much commitment are the roles?
    We ask that you commit to minimum 3 hours / month & an additional hour a month for a team meeting! Depending on the role or project involvement there could be more opportunities to contribute. We also ask that you commit to a 3 month period of involvement! It will be fun :)
  • What qualifications do I need to have?
    If you made it here - you are qualified to show interest! We want everyone who has the same passions or desire to make a difference to be included in some way or form. Don't be shy. Let us know what you have on your heart or what you would like to make happen.
  • I'm curious or interested in one of the roles, now what?
    So fun! The next steps are to fill out the form below and we can chat quickly about what is needed in the roles you are interested in and if you think it would be a fun fit! More details for the specific role you are interested in will be sent to you!
  • Can I volunteer if I live outside of BC lower mainland?
    Yeah girl! Let us know where you are located and we can make something work out. Local opportunities would be primarily for onsite volunteering (future events, filming, photoshoots), but remote positions include: mentoring, social media, admin positions etc.
  • What does being a mentor look like?
    This is one of our easiest ways to get plugged in to our mission if you are a career aged women. At the moment we are growing our list of interest. In August we would like to launch a 6 week mentor program where teen girls can be paired with a young adult with similar interests to go through a bit of life together. You connect once over video or in person if possible for a fun intro and then connect over message or call weekly before the start of a new school year for our teen friends. During that time you will be given conversation prompts, ressources or are free to build a relationship organically with your new buddy!
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