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It's official, we have a podcast!

Our goal is to bridge the gap between generations. So leave your Gen Z, Millennial & even Boomer stereotypes at the door and prepare to get to know and learn from each other in a no judgement setting. We ask our guests what advice they'd give to their high school selves and things usually get real - fast.


If you're new here. We're Montage. 👋 We think people from different generations can not only do life alongside each other but can learn valuable life and career lessons from one another. We host non-cheesy teen workshops and organize mentor matching!


Be part of the show, send us a voice message 🎙

Below are a list of topics we are currently taking responses for upcoming episodes. This is a way to encourage more inclusivity on the show. Leave a voice message or type your thoughts for a chance to be featured on the show.

or send in your written response💌


Feb, March & April 2024:

​Theme: older sibling advice on the following topics

  • Skincare 

  • Navigating friendship breakups

  • Choosing university/college courses

  • How to get started at the gym

  • Cooking at home 101


Podcast Guest Request!

Always wanted to be on a podcast? or think it might be something fun to check off your 2024 bucket list? We'd love for you to reach out for our occasional 1-1 interviews. But be prepared. We ask every guest "what advice they'd give their younger/high school self" . Then the conversation goes from there! 

Thanks for submitting! We'll reach out when we are doing our next round of recordings!

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