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Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Do you think generations are able to do life alongside and learn from each other? We think so.

Montage was created when a group of young adult women felt grateful for the mentors in their lives but saw a lack of current cross-generational communities and relational opportunities.

How we’re going to help facilitate this:

1- Gen Z wants a meaningful life. We’re going to equip them with practical tools and co-host not-cheesy workshops.

2- We’re going to match mentors with teens. And we hope you’re willing to mentor them.

3- Our podcast aims to amplify the voices of people across generations.


I wouldn't have made it

Through high school and a lot of my formative young adult years without people who poured into me through time, sharing wisdom, and just being present when life felt complicated. That was over 10 years ago, when the rise of teen mental health concerns was not even close to the state it is today. My hope is that women will do life in collaboration and alongside each other. I've met teenagers who have impacted my life in such a special way and become some of my closest friends. My own experience of feeling inadequate to be a mentor but it turning into the biggest gift and feeling of purpose fuels me to bring Montage's vision to life!

One of our founders : Cece Reush

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