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Applications are now closed for the following roles. Stay tuned over on IG for future openings. ​

Community Manager:

If you like to bring people together and make new friends, keep reading.

The Montage community manager will support by creating a positive presence in the BC region.

Tasks include:

  • Reaching out to local media outlets 

  • Creating a list of local upcoming events relevant to Montage's audience

  • Moderating and growing online community chat (Geneva)

  • Comfortable creating/editing short videos or writing video scripts for local events information

  • Blog post editing and uploading 

  • Blog post contributor outreach


Partnerships & Fundraising:

If you're not scared to slide into the coolest brands DM's, keep reading.

The Montage partnerships coordinator will support by creating meaningful relationships amongst brands and businesses. 

Tasks include:

  • Reaching out to brands that align with Montage community needs and vision

  • Online store management and product promotion

  • Creating partnership plans for ambassadors (social media folder kit) 

  • Monthly outreach to ambassadors

  • Monthly e-mail to board of directors/donors 


I wouldn't have made it

Through high school and a lot of my formative young adult years without people who poured into me through time, sharing wisdom, and just being present when life felt complicated. That was over 10 years ago, when the rise of teen mental health concerns was not even close to the state it is today. My hope is that women will do life in collaboration and alongside each other. I've met teenagers who have impacted my life in such a special way and become some of my closest friends. My own experience of feeling inadequate to be a mentor but it turning into the biggest gift and feeling of purpose fuels me to bring Montage's vision to life!

One of our founder : Cece Reush

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