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5 Questions With: Angela

Angela is a 22 year old student at SFU and part time communications consultant at Fraser Health. To get to know her better, we asked her five questions about the best advice she’s ever been given and her current guilty pleasure.


What inspires you?

I’m inspired by my awesome friends and family, as well as great storytelling! There’s so many ways to tell a story whether it’s through a movie, a photo, an Instagram story or a song. I love exploring new ways to communicate ideas and messages.

What's the best advice you've ever been given?

Failure is one of the best teachers!

What made you decide to do a degree in communications?

I chose communications because it honestly just sounded really cool to me! While doing this degree I’ve been able to take so many interesting classes on the media, communication technology like smartphones and television, documentary movies, social media, politics, and visual communication like graphic design and video. If you enjoy any of those topics, communications might be for you too!

What advice would you tell 16 year old you if you could?

I would tell 16 year old me to hang out with my grandparents more, or to make it an effort to call them! All of my grandparents have passed away now and I wish I would have asked them for more advice or told them more about what was going on in my life. Grandparents can be such a blessing to us with their wisdom and experiences and we can also be a great blessing to them.

Lastly - what's you current guilty pleasure?

I can’t stop watching 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days! It’s a reality show about international couples that are trying to get married in the United States. Many of the couples have different cultural backgrounds or large age gaps between them so they have to navigate different issues. If you like dramatic and cringey content, you’ll probably like this show too ;)


Keep up with Angela on Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud.


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