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5 Questions With: Cece

Updated: Feb 2

Cece is a 27 year old who feels like she's mid millennial/gen Z. She is one of the co-founders here at Montage, podcast host and creative director. We asked her 5 questions to get to know her better.


What inspires you?

My environment. Depending on what I'm working on or dreaming about I like to be in surroundings that make me feel inspired. Sometimes it's an uncluttered space, the beach or a grocery store. I'm also inspired by people who are doing what they love. (Like this pic, it was taken by my friend Althea on a film camera)

What's the best advice you've ever been given?

That’s a hard one but my French dad always says “c’est la vie”, we say it as a joke but also it’s been helpful when things go not as planned. I remember oh this is just part of the joys and pains of life. And what matters is how you’re reacting and what you’re choosing to do after those moments.

What made you decide to work in social media?

Kinda a weird unplanned thing. After doing photography and not loving how my photos were being used or feeling like I could come up with ways to repurpose the content or things that needed to be said from a brands perspective to gain trust.

I realized wait. This is marketing. Things I love to read and learn about. It’s all marketing in the digital space. That’s what I love to do. It’s evolved from just making social media posts but at the root of it all that’s what I like. Creating a story, making it come to life and engaging with people is so much fun.

Why Montage?

Oohh you’ll have to listen to our podcast episode about that but starting this community was because I believe so much of what I know and who I am came from having a people older or younger than me that I could learn from and talk about real life with. Not everyone gets that opportunity.

Lastly - what's you current guilty pleasure?

Other than a chocolate lava cake addiction. I secretly LOVE polar opposite shows. One minute I’m obsessed with re watching all of desperate housewives which is lots of drama, murder and chaos and the next I’m back to watching Good Luck Charlie Disney teen shows.


Keep up with Cece on Instagram, Linkedin & TikTok or catch her interviewing guests on our podcast: Dear Next Gen!


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