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Your go-to: Gen Z Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Gift ideas for your bestie, a gift exchange, birthday and overall things the Gen Z-er in your life will actually appreciate receiving!

If you shop through any of our items able to be added as affiliate links or any of the bottom of the page partner codes you're directly helping us raise funds for our programs and podcast creation for young teens & adults! Some Items that are not on the affiliate link list are linked in the blog post bullet point list itself. So thanks in advance!

OK - Let's break it down into categories and you're sure to find things that match the budget and occasion.

Wellness stuff

  • Anything La Neige - we recommend one of their little sets that includes lip masks or gloss.

  • Cerave - Cream, face wash, these are the practical things everyone needs.

  • Pimple patches - The cuter and funner the better.

  • Tinted lip balm - Lots of fun brand options here, elf is an easy budget friendly choice.

  • Nail polish - We recently discovered some brands that are natural! Or try an at home gel manicure kit.

  • Natural Dry shampoo (Try Supercrush!)

  • Peppermint halo - For the long days, headaches, exam season, you know.

  • Summer Fridays - This brand or anything fun and trendy at Sephora will do. We also really like Tower 28 a lot!

  • Plastic Free Natural Deodorant - ATTITUDE is killin' it with good for you products! The new skincare could work as well!

Spice up your space & life:

  • Disposable camera (if they use a disposable - easy, if they use a reusable film camera get someone to secretly snap a picture of their film and gift some more!)

  • Disco ball (plant hanger, ornaments, anything that reflects the fun light!)

  • Cute funky calendar

  • Overhead headphones

  • Journals (The STIL Academic one is really practical)

  • Urban Outfitters stuff - blankets, fun pillows etc.

  • Taylor swift LP

  • Harry Styles stuff

  • Record Player

  • We’re not really stranger game

  • BAGGU - earbuds case, bags, totes, bucket hats, all safe! Make sure to choose the pattern or art on the item based on the gift recipient.

  • Wall projector

  • At home clay/pottery kit - Check out Sculpd!

  • Cool phone case - Wildflower, Urban Outfitters, Castify all great options

Things to wear:

  • Nike (shoes or apparel)

  • Crewnecks

  • Hoodies

  • Matching sweatsuits

  • Converse

  • Ugg slippers

  • Smiley face slippers

  • Hair clips (we have a crush on Supercrush hair accessories)

  • Cargo pants (anything loose fitted)

  • Converse (Chuck 70's are the best hands down)

  • Over ear headphones - survey says it doesn't have to just be airpod max's. Check with your gift recipient because everyone has a preference for look and bluetooth vs not. We like Marley brand but there are plenty of other great ones.

  • Sleepwear - think comfy patching pyjama sets - Joe Fresh or your local Walmart actually has great ones.

  • Crocs or slides

What to get at the second hand shops:

yep. you read that right. gifting thrifted and vintage items is totally ok. admirable and very personal actually.

  • What to get at the second hand shops:

  • Vintage item

  • Graphic tees

  • Art

  • Grandpa sweaters

  • Vinyl records

  • Drinkware


Be the person who surprised them with an activity they'd like to do together or alone and fund a fun time!

  • Pottery class

  • Gift card to thrift or vintage store

  • Gas gift card

  • Art museum pass

  • Concert tickets

  • Home store/Target gift card (especially if they just moved out)

Hope this list serves you well, got any other ideas? send us a DM on instagram or join our group chat on Geneva!


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