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Your go-to: Get Z Gift Guide 2023

Our second annual gift guide includes gift ideas for your bestie, a gift exchange, birthday and overall things the Gen Z-er in your life will actually appreciate receiving!

If you shop through any of our items able to be added as affiliate links or any of the bottom of the page partner codes you're directly helping us raise funds for our programs and podcast creation for young teens & adults! Some items that are not on the affiliate link list are linked in the blog post bullet point list itself. So thanks in advance!

OK - Let's break it down into categories and you're sure to find things that match the budget and occasion.

For the wellness and beauty lovers

For the one who wants to elevate their life

Specifically for your friends

  • Friendship bracelet sets

  • We’re not really strangers

  • Tamagotchi

  • Lululemon tote

  • Cute picture holder (bonus if you print pics)

  • Film camera

Things to wear

Shop our curated list here. Hope this list serves you well, got any other ideas? send us a DM on instagram or join our group chat on Geneva!


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