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5 tips if you’re feeling anxious during covid season

This ain't no Coachella season that’s for sure. Staying inside and the lack of being around people can definitely cause mixed emotions. 

It’s totally ok to feel anxious because things our more uncertain than ever and out of our control.

We’re all about practical things - so here are tips you can actually do starting tomorrow to help if you’re feeling a bit nervous, anxious, restless, or wondering how to use your time without being overwhelmed.

1- go for a walk

The sun is setting later and days are feeling longer. Make time for some fresh air or a polaroid worthy picnic works too.

2- get crafty

Calligraphy, watercolour, embroidery, knitting, adult colouring book, tie-dye, sewing… not all at once, but art can be a great relaxing activity. (also makes for cute gifts or home decor!) 

3- make some playlists

Try making a playlist to counter-attack your future mood. For me, when I’m feeling tired or annoyed and need a pick me up, I like to listen to my favourite 2000’s Jonas Brother’s kind of tunes because I know I can’t help but sing along. Instant mood boost, and potential solo dance party.

4- limit your screen time

You’re actually twice as likely to experience depression and anxiety if you spend multiple hours on a screen or device. (Sorry, you’re probably reading this on a screen) But for real, give your eyes a break. Think about your sleeping schedule, set an app time limit and have a self care spa evening instead.

5- reach out to people

Like I said, feeling mixed emotions during this time are bound to happen. Don't do life alone. If you're having a meh day > reach out to a friend or person you trust.

If you're having a greaaatt day > check up on someone else or send an unexpected word of encouragement their way!

by: Cece Rahoerason


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