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I was chatting with someone who reminded me that we often learn about how to be in a romantic relationships, (because who doesn't love talking about looovee), but no one really teaches you how to actually be a good friend.

That may be the reason why some fade.

There are friendships who only last a season and that's ok - but honestly, some could thrive or be repaired by just taking a little extra step of appreciation.

Maybe you need to hear each other out or find out what each others love languages are.

Mending a broken friendship or getting to know someone who can be in your life for a long time requires being vulnerable, honest and putting in the work.

This is a time more than ever to cherish and grow those relationships in different and creative ways.

To the person who see's other friendships and may feel jealous:

FOMO is a relatable thing, and because of social media - you see a lot more of what other's are doing which can lead to you thinking every one else is having more fun and you'd rather be there, BUT ON THE OTHER HAND from your end, you can unintentionally be showing other's that you are doing well and are content. Being vulnerable and open online with how you're really feeling can spark conversations with people who can encourage or relate to your experience.

To the person who wants more friends:

Follow our 4 day challenge at the end of this post and invest time in a few people you already know care for you. Having a small circle of amazing people is far more life giving. Then.. your strong friendships with each other will attract others who want real and authentic relationships.

To the person who likes the same guy as their friend:

That's a tricky one, and probably will happen. Our team has experienced the up and down of high school. Our advice: don't shy away from talking to your friend about it. If you keep it to yourself or vent to others you may start to resent your friend and hurt your relationship overall. We've seen our fair share of cute guys come and go, but our gal pals have stuck around.

To the person who misses a friend they used to be close with:

Maybe you had some tense moments or lost touch due to distance or one of you moved to a different school... but they're on your mind and you want to re-kindle the fun that was once there. Be patient, Be forgiving, show grace and initiate a time to hear each other or send a sweet message or apology for taking so long to check up.

There is no perfect friend and we're far from perfect... we sometimes don't make the effort to show up and respond the way we would like others to. I often have high expectations for people I consider friends and then look in the mirror only to realize I do the same thing. So don't feel bad. But we're in this together. There is room for growth and showing love!

Join us in a little challenge to get our butts moving when it comes to intentional friendship & sisterhood.

# FriendshipGoals Challenge:

Day #1|Reflect

Do some thinking about areas you can work on when it comes to being a solid friend.

What are some of your strengths?

You know that friend who's just SUCH a good listener? or your go-to cheerleader when you need motivation? Well, what's your friendship super power? If you're not sure, ask someone - then USE IT!

Now ask yourself: What can you improve?

We all drop the ball sometimes... maybe you get caught up in life and forget to respond to messages (so guilty oops.) , or you could be more patient when it comes to your relationships.

Day #2 | Reach out - digitally

The power of voice message, a text, call or video message goes a long way, Why not even try spontaneously posting an appreciation post for someone you're grateful for?

Day #3 | Reach out - tangibly

Alright, you've sent the message. Now go that extra mile. Bake something & drop it off! Snail mail a letter! Offer to buy them a coffee! Plan a walk together. Today is the day to plan & do something!

Day #4 | Repeat

Set a reminder in your calendar or phone so these little steps become part of your life routine.

It could be a reminder to text a certain friend to follow up & check how they're doing or adding people's birthdays into your calendar!

Let us know how it goes and feel free to reach out. Send us a DM over on Instagram.


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